We take Memories, Thoughts, and sincere Feelings, that you express during your

Interview & we convert Them into Lyrics, add Music, & electronically deliver them

quickly to you via download (wav/mp3), to be played on a computer/phone, etc..

This unique One of a kind Song, will be a timeless dedication to the Decedent, 

& can be played at the Funeral, Celebration of Life, or Memorial Service, &

later at a family reunion, or in the family home.   Upload it to your Family Ancestry Site.

a Song is an immortal Expression of Love. 

Take a few minutes to Note things like:

  1. special attributes of the Loved Decedent (e.g., smile, eyes/color, hair, dainty, strong arms, silly look/gesture, etc.)
  2. personality of the Loved Decedent (shy, daring, caring, comedic, happy, inquisitive/curious, humane, religious, etc.) 
  3. fond moments, memories to share...   

                                                   from these we comprise Lyrics.

  Custom Funeral




What genre (type) of music:   Contemporary, soft Pop, mild Rock, Country, Gospel, Jazz, Folk, etc., should you

select is a decision based on the personality of the Deceased Love One being memorialized, &/or the perpetual desires of the Family. 

                                      from this we compile Songs.

Noting a LIFE

Characterizing THE style